Friends Still Need Professional Guidance: Undergoing Mediation For Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse have agreed to end your marriage, and you're not locked in a battle over any of the details, you are likely planning a very calm, basic divorce that neither of you are fighting at all. It's tempting to work out an agreement yourselves and then head to court for the official dissolution, but don't do that. Even if your split is totally friendly and you're in agreement over everything, at least see a mediation group to ensure you've done everything correctly.

There's Always Something

Divorces are complicated things, even when it looks like there's going to be very little to deal with. A team of mediators can go over the agreement you and your spouse are considering and identify anything that needs further detail, or let you know about things you forgot to discuss. You don't want your agreement to turn out to be unhelpful should a conflict arise, nor do you want to have to return to court to modify parts of the agreement because you weren't paying attention before. Mediators can help you cover all the bases.

Preparing for Change

If you have children, you'll need to work out a plan for dealing with potential moves that make it difficult for one parent to see the children, as well as agreements on how to pay for the cost of raising children. Remember, it's not just about monthly support. Eventually the children will go off to college or need dental work or have some huge change in their lives that costs money. You both have to figure out now how you're going to handle that. The mediators will have more knowledge about what you might face because they've seen it all before in other cases.

Ensuring Fair's Fair

That agreement, no matter how friendly it is, has to be fair to both of you. Right now you're both caught up in the emotion of the moment and may have given up more than you should have because you just want this to be done with. The mediators can look over how you've divided things and point out potential sources of conflict that might flare up later.

Mediators are a good alternative path for settling uncontested divorce cases. Check around and see who in your area is offering this route to resolution -- it's better to take a few extra steps now to save trouble later.

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If you and your spouse have agreed to end your marriage, and you're not locked in a battle over any of the details, you are likely planning a very cal